... working      as a team



1. That the amalgamation of Clubs shall be called the HPH York Vale
Cricket League.
2. That the Management Committee shall comprise President, Chairman,
Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer, Welfare Officer,
Grounds Officer, Discipline and Regulations Officer and Cup Competitions
Officer to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. From time to time it
may be necessary to engage representatives from clubs for one-off
meetings or specific projects. A quorum shall comprise 4 members.
2.1 All questions of eligibility, qualification for competitions,
interpretation of rules and all matches in dispute between
competing clubs shall be referred to the Management Committee,
which shall have full authority to make judgment on any issue
involving clubs or players as it considers appropriate. See League
Rule 36.
2.2 All disciplinary matters in any way connected with the League or
the conduct of matches or tournaments played under the auspices
of the League shall be dealt with in accordance with the English
Cricket Board’s Disciplinary Model Rules.
2.3 The Management Committee shall be authorised to establish a
Standing Disciplinary Sub-Committee to deal with all matters
under the provisions of the ECB Disciplinary Model Rules.
2.4 An Appeals Committee shall be established to hear any appeal
which may arise from the decision of the Standing Disciplinary
Sub-Committee. A fee of £25 must accompany the appeal which
will be forfeited if the original decision is upheld.
2.5 If the Disciplinary Sub-Committee finds the offence proved it shall
have the power to impose one or more of the following penalties:
In the case of a player:
- Expulsion from the League
- Suspension for a period of time
- Fine not exceeding £50
- Reprimand
In the case of a Club:
- Expulsion from a Cup competition
- Deduction of League points
- Fine not exceeding £50
2.6 The League Management shall periodically inspect each club’s
ground and facilities to ensure that they are compatible with
standards set by the League.
2.7 The League shall inform the club concerned of any
recommendations for improvement to its facilities. A report shall
be received from the club concerned within one month as to the
carrying out of such recommendations.
2.8 Any club whose ground (playing area) does not meet the required
standards shall have its ground banned and shall make
alternative arrangements to play home fixtures until such time that
the recommendations of the League Management have been
carried out. An alternative home pitch must be approved by the
2.9 Failure to carry out the recommendations shall be referred to the
3. An Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of November
each year.
3.1 Applications for membership from new teams shall be submitted
in writing by 30th June in the year prior to the season in which
they intend to play in the League and where applicable adhere to
YCB club transfer rules. The grounds and facilities of applicants
will be subject to an inspection by the League Management to
ensure that they are of a standard approved by the League.
Election will be at the discretion of the Annual General Meeting
following the application.
The Management Committee shall allocate new teams to an
appropriate division as follows:
If the appropriate division has a vacancy following the end of
season promotion and relegation adjustments, then the new team
will be allocated to that division. If the appropriate division has no
vacancy then fast-tracking of a new applicant will only be
undertaken after member clubs have been given 12 months’
notice that promotion from lower divisions will be restricted.
If after the AGM the withdrawal of a team(s) causes an
imbalance, the Management Committee shall be mandated to
remedy the situation by adjusting the League structure.
3.2 All clubs must be represented at the Annual General Meeting.
Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5. Voting at the AGM shall
be on the basis of one vote per club. No club shall have any
voting rights at the AGM at which it is admitted, but shall be
entitled to vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting preceding the
following year’s AGM.
3.3 If in the opinion of the Management Committee a matter is
deemed too urgent to await resolution at the next Annual General
Meeting an Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened. The
League Secretary will give 21 days’ notice of the meeting in
writing to all member clubs which will include date, time, location
and the reason for calling the meeting. Rules governing Annual
General Meetings shall also apply to Extraordinary General
3.4 The League Management Committee shall have the authority to
recommend to the AGM relegation to a lower division or expulsion
from the League in respect of teams who fail to fulfil a fixture on
more than one occasion in a season. Furthermore, this authority
shall apply in respect of teams who persistently fail to field eleven
players or fail to meet the required standard of ground and/or
3.5 At the discretion of the League Management Committee any team
conceding more than two fixtures in one season shall be required
to seek re-election at the next Annual General Meeting. This shall
take the form of a written submission making a case for reelection,
which will be decided on a majority vote of those member
clubs present at the AGM.
3.6 No Club shall be expelled from the League unless a majority vote
is carried at an AGM or an EGM.
3.7 York Vale Cricket League is a member of the Yorkshire Cricket
Pyramid and as such only the Division 1 champions at the end of
each season will have the right to be promoted to the York &
District Senior Cricket League for the following season. However,
the team will not be compelled to move should they prefer to stay
in YVCL membership; in which case promotion will be offered to
the second placed club. By 30th June each season, any Division 1
teams aspiring to move to Y&DSCL in the event of winning the
championship must notify the league chairman of their intentions.
Entry to Y&DSCL will be into the bottom division of the region best
suited geographically to the team in question. In the event of a club
migrating to Y&DSCL, the club's other teams will remain with
3.8 Suggestions or proposals from member clubs for consideration by
the AGM shall be submitted in writing to the League Secretary by
30th September.
3.9 All amendments to Rules must be passed by a majority of clubs
present at the AGM.
3.10 York Vale Cricket League has formed a partnership with the Foss
Evening League with the aim of helping the FEL with its
administration, including a platform on the YVCL website. It also
aims to encourage more players to get involved with the sport,
particularly juniors and lapsed senior cricketers.
4. At the end of each season the two top clubs in Division 2 and 3 shall be
promoted to Division 1 and 2 respectively; the bottom two clubs in
Division 1 and 2 relegated to Division 2 and 3 respectively.
4.1 In the event of two or more teams completing the League
programme with an equal points total, the final placings shall be
determined by the following differentials between the two teams,
in priority order:
a) The team with the most wins shall be higher.
b) The team with the most away wins shall be higher.
c) The team with the better average, calculated by comparing runs
scored against wickets conceded, shall be higher.
4.2 Two teams from the same Club shall not play in the same
Division, although this may be waived for the lowest Division.

5. League fixtures shall be played on Saturday or Sunday. Home league
fixtures on Sundays will be permitted for those teams whose grounds are
unavailable due to priority being given to York & District Senior League
fixtures. At the end of the season all League fixtures shall finish on the
same day unless exceptional circumstances require an extension.
5.1 League fixtures scheduled for a Sunday will take priority over a
cup game with the exception of an HPH or Scothern Construction
cup semi-final and final, or a Mitchell cup final. No other fixture
changes may be made after the fixture list has been published
(unless teams wish to take advantage of Rule 5.2) without
permission from the league.
5.2 If shortage of players is likely to affect the fulfilment of a lowest
division fixture on a Saturday, clubs may approach opponents with
a view to playing the fixture 24hrs later on the Sunday. Any
proposal to move the fixture to the Sunday must be agreed by both
teams no later than the the Wednesday before the original fixture
date and this decision must be conveyed immediately to the
results officer results@yorkvale.co.uk. This arrangement is subject
to Rules 25.1 and 25.2 being observed.
6. All games shall have priority over any other competition not concerned
with the League.
7. Awarding of points for league matches:
The results of League matches shall be calculated as follows:
Win 30 points
Lose 0 points
Tied game 15 points each
Cancelled/abandoned 10 points each
Points will be awarded to the LOSING SIDE as follows:
Batting    1 point    75 runs
               2 points 100 runs
               3 points 125 runs
               4 points 150 runs
               5 points 175 runs   MAXIMUM 5 POINTS
Bowling  1 point     2 wickets
               2 points   4 wickets
               3 points   6 wickets
               4 points   8 wickets
               5 points 10 wickets MAXIMUM 5 POINTS
Bonus points will not be awarded in games which are tied, cancelled
(games not started due to weather and/or state of ground) or abandoned
(games started but not played to a conclusion due to weather and/or
ground conditions).
7.1 If a team has fewer than 11 players and has lost all available
wickets within the 40 overs (fewer if captains have agreed – see
Rule 9) and providing there are sufficient number of balls
remaining for the bowling side to have been able to take those
remaining wickets, it shall be deemed that the batting side
have lost those wickets, or as many as the number of balls
7.2 If a side batting first declares its innings closed before its allotted
overs, the bowling side, if they lose, shall be awarded maximum
bowling points providing there are a sufficient number of balls
remaining for the bowling side to have been able to take those
remaining wickets.
8. Fixtures shall be played on a ‘home’ and ‘away’ basis unless by the
mutual agreement of both Clubs.
8.1 Clubs who play their home fixtures on an opponent’s ground shall
pay the host Club a minimum of £40.
8.2 The price charged for visitors’ teas shall not exceed £35. All
eleven visitors’ teas must be paid for even if through shortage of
players or personal choice every tea is not consumed.
8.3 The visiting team will be charged the full fee for teas if they attend
a scheduled fixture and it is cancelled or abandoned before tea is
9. Matches shall consist of a maximum of 40 overs for each innings. Before
a game commences, captains have the discretion to agree to play
fewer overs, subject to a minimum of 20 overs for each innings. This
may be appropriate when inclement weather has prevented a prompt
start or in lower divisions where a shortened form of the game would
suit younger players.
10. All matches shall commence at 1.30pm, but both teams may agree to a
different start time.
10.1 Teams not ready to commence by 1.30pm, or by the revised start
time, shall forfeit the right to the choice of innings.
10.2 If a game cannot commence at 1.30pm, or at the revised start
time, due to ground or weather the captains shall agree the
number of overs to be played. If they cannot agree, 1 over from
each innings shall be deducted for every 7 minutes lost.
10.3 Matches which have not commenced by 4pm because of weather
conditions shall be deemed to be abandoned, each club receiving
10 points. A result form showing the reason for cancellation must
be submitted to the Results Officer and Press Officer.
11. Both captains shall decide as to the fitness of the ground before and
during the game and take responsibility for the safety of their players
especially when a decision has been taken to play on during or after rain.
This obligation does not apply where neutral umpires have been
appointed by the League, whose decisions shall be final. Where clubs
have covers, they should be used in inclement weather.
12. No Club shall cancel a fixture due to inclement weather or an unfit pitch
before 4pm on a match day without the mutual consent of their
opponents. Any Club, however, that does not prepare its own ground and
is advised by the landlord that the pitch is unfit on the day before the
fixture shall offer to switch the game to the opponent’s venue. If that
ground is unavailable or unfit, the fixture shall be deemed to be cancelled.
12.1 Teams conceding league fixtures will be deducted 10 points and
the opposing team awarded 30 points. Away teams conceding the
fixture will pay £35 to their opponents as compensation for the loss
of income from teas.
Scorecards are required for all conceded games.
12.2 No Club shall cancel a first team fixture through non-availability of
players without first cancelling its second team fixture.
13. No Club shall award points to an opponent for non-fulfilment of fixtures,
which shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.
14. First division clubs must provide sightscreens.
15. Clubs shall provide their own ball home or away, which must be the
League’s approved ball in good condition.
16. Clubs must provide a first aid kit, scoreboard and boundary lines/markers
at home games.
17. Scorers must agree details of the first innings prior to the commencement
of the second innings, and agree details at the end of the match.
18. No bowler is allowed to bowl more than 12 overs per innings.
19. Any player arriving after the start of play will not be allowed to bowl or bat
until he/she has been present for at least the length of playing time
(measured by overs bowled) for which he/she was absent. However, if
his/her team is batting first, they may bat last even though the required
time may not have passed.

Young Fast Bowlers
20. Captains are required to declare the names of young fast bowlers before
the start of the match with a view to applying the appropriate bowling
limitations. Any Club deemed guilty of disregarding the ECB junior player
bowling directive shall forfeit 5 points per match for each infringement.

Submission of Results/Scorecards
21. Results of must be communicated by Play-Cricket as follows:

Home teams are responsible for submitting the result by 10pm on matchdays.

Home teams must submit a fully completed scorecard by 10pm on the Monday                                                                                            following the match.  
21.1 Any club which does not submit a result or fully completed
scorecard by the appropriate deadlines shall receive a
5-point and 10-point penalty deduction respectively.

League Fees
22. A fee of £80 per team, together with the prevailing YCB subscription,
shall be payable prior to the start of each season, covering League
entrance fees and the provision of 20 fixture books per team.

Registration of Players
23. Prior to the start of the season, clubs must submit a list of ‘registered’ players on Play-Cricket which may be added to at any time. Failure to register a player may result in the reallocation of league points or disqualification from cups. Players under 16 years of age are required to be registered but may play for more than one team in the Vale League, in the same season, subject to parent or guardian consent and club permission which shall not be unreasonably withheld. These junior players may only be registered to one club, regardless of the league and can only play for other clubs in league games. 

 Failure to register a player may
result in the reallocation of league points or disqualification from cups.
Players under 16 years of age are required to be registered but
may play for more than one team in the Vale League, in the same
season, subject to parent or guardian consent and club permission which
shall not be unreasonably withheld. These junior players may only be
registered to one club, regardless of the league and can only play for
other clubs in league games.
23.1 Any player registered with a York Vale League team may go on loan
to help another YVCL team requiring players to fulfil a league fixture.
The arrangement will be subject to the following guidelines:
a) A player may only be loaned to other teams competing in the
same or higher division. In certain circumstances, however, it may
be possible to permit a player to be loaned to a team in a lower
b) Anyone who has played on the Saturday will not be allowed to go
on loan to a team playing a league fixture on the Sunday.
c) All loans must be approved in advance, on a match by match
basis, by the League Registrations Officer. The player’s name and
club, team he is being loaned to and the match date must be
emailed to registrations@yorkvale.co.uk by 11am on the match day.
d) The scheme will not apply to cup games.
e) Retrospective action will be taken if it transpires that a team has
been strengthened as a result of the loan arrangement.

Eligibility of Players
24. No Club shall be allowed to play any professionals.
24.1 Clubs may not normally register Overseas Players. Registrations
may be accepted at the discretion of the League Committee
where a player has moved into the area because of non-cricket
reasons. Failure to seek permission to play an Overseas Player
will result in the reallocation of league points or disqualification
from cups and a fine not exceeding £50. The 30 points for a win
will be awarded to the opposing team.
24.2 Any team punished by points deduction shall not be awarded any
points earned in the relevant game. The opposing team shall be
awarded 30 points.
24.3 To play open-age league or cup cricket, young players must be in
School Year 8 and be 12 years old on 1 September of the
preceding year. Explicit written consent from a parent or guardian
is required before they participate in adult matches.
24.4 All necessary measures, including withdrawal of a player’s
registration, will be taken to protect the integrity of the League.
25. No Club shall be allowed to play anyone who has played for another
Club during the same season unless officially transferred. See 23.1 for
the exception to this rule.
25.1 No club shall be permitted to strengthen a team, without
reasonable cause, by including a player who would be expected
to play at a higher level of cricket at his club. Any club's first
team promoted to York & District Senior League, irrespective of the
division in which it is placed, will be deemed to be playing at a
higher level than a team(s) from the same club playing in York Vale
League. Any club accused of gaining an unfair advantage from the
inclusion of such a player shall be required to justify his selection
and in the absence of a satisfactory explanation will forfeit points
gained from the match and be subject to a fine not exceeding £50.
25.2 Any team playing league fixtures on Sundays or Bank Holidays
may not play anyone who has played for another team at the
same club in the corresponding Saturday fixture. Dispensation will,
however, be given to players under 16 years of age providing
their selection complies with Rule 25.1.
25.3 No player shall take part in more than one afternoon match on the
same day regardless of the League.

Transfer of Players
26. No Affiliated League Club, either through its officials or any person or
society interested in the Club, shall approach or negotiate with any
player of any other Club similarly affiliated to the English Cricket Board
for the purpose of securing his services without asking the player’s Club,
in writing, for permission to do so.
26.1 No player shall be transferred to any other Club under the
auspices of the ECB without obtaining written permission from his
present Club using a downloadable transfer form from the league's
website. Transfer forms must be submitted to
secretary@yorkvale.co.uk before the player appears for his new
Club. This ECB requirement applies to the movement of players
during both the playing and close season. Permission cannot be
withheld unless the player has failed to discharge his financial
obligations to his Club. If a player has not played for a Club for one
complete season and has no outstanding financial obligation to
that Club, then a formal transfer is not required.
26.2 The final date for transfers shall be that which allows a transferred
player to play in 6 remaining League fixtures with his new Club.

Complaints and Objections
27. Breaches of rules/regulations can be reported on result forms or by
separate email detailing the transgression to the Regulatory Officer
An emailed report must be received by Wednesday following the match
to which it relates.
Any Fair Play infringements that contravene the League’s Code of
Conduct statements must be initially mentioned on the result form
followed by a detailed report to disciplinary@yorkvale.co.uk within seven
days of the incident.

Penalties and Fines
28. All disciplinary penalties imposed by the League shall be in accordance
with ECB/YCB guidelines. Fines must be paid to the League Treasurer
within 14 days of notification and failure to pay within that timescale will
automatically double the fine.

29. Each Club shall provide an umpire at no extra cost to the League, except
in the case of Cup Finals when neutral umpires will be appointed.
30. Any ungentlemanly conduct towards umpires must be reported as a
Code of Conduct breach (Rule 27).

31. Subject to funds being available which may take the form of sponsorship,
mementos shall be awarded to the players and umpires involved in Cup
competition finals.
32. At the end of each season an award will be made to the player with the
best batting and bowling average in each division. This is subject to
Clubs submitting details of their average winners to the Press Officer
within 7 days of the final fixture.
32.1 To qualify for the batting award a player must have batted in a
minimum of 12 innings in the respective division.
32.2 To qualify for the bowling award a player must have bowled a
minimum of 100 overs in the respective division.
32.3 Only League matches to be included in the average calculations.
32.4 The batting/bowling qualification threshold may be relaxed at the
discretion of the Management Committee to compensate for a
reduction in matches.
33. At the end of each season the the ‘Les Kirby’ Trophies will be awarded to
the leading run scorer and leading wicket taker. The ‘Harry Smith
Memorial Trophy’ will be awarded to the wicketkeeper who has achieved
the highest number of dismissals.
34. Clubs are responsible for the safe keeping of cups. Clubs that do not
return them to the League by 31st July and/or fail to return them in a
clean condition and appropriately engraved shall be fined £10.

MCC Laws of the Game
35. All games to be played in accordance with the MCC Laws of Cricket,
unless amended by the York Vale League regulations.

Rule Interpretation
36. Any team wishing to have an interpretation of a league rule should send
an email to secretary@yorkvale.co.uk and the Regulatory Officer will
respond within 7 days. If a Club wishes to challenge this decision the
Management Committee will hear the appeal at the next scheduled
meeting and its decision will be final.
A deposit of £25 is required for each appeal, payable to the League’s
treasurer in advance of the appeal meeting. If the original decision is
upheld, the fee will not be returned.

Match Balls
37. All teams must use the League’s approved ball for all league and cup

38. All teams must possess third party liability insurance.

1. The following Cup competitions shall be arranged on a knock out basis on
fixed dates as predetermined by the League Management Committee.
HPH Cup. Entry to the competition shall be open to all teams.

Scothern Construction Cup. Entry to the competition shall be restricted to those                                                                                         teams eliminated from the First Round of the HPH Cup. Teams who concede in the                                                                                     first round of the HPH Cup shall not be eligible to enter the competition unless they                                                                                      have attempted to play the aforementioned game.         

2. The following rules shall apply to each competition:

2.1 Any player who has played previously during the present season
in any league fixture on Saturdays outside the York Vale League
other than with his own Club, shall not be eligible to compete in
either of the two cup competitions associated with the League.
Junior players in the U16 age group and below may only play for
the Club with which they are registered.
2.2 Ties not started or completed on the scheduled date, shall be
replayed commencing as a new game. The game will be played
on the following Sunday after the Cup weekend, unless there is a
scheduled league game for either team on that day, when the Cup
game will be played on the first available Sunday. If the home team
is unable to provide a venue on the first available Sunday, the
game will be played at the away team’s ground. If there is not a
Sunday available before the next round of the Cup, the game will
be played as an evening game by the Wednesday in the week
before the next round of the Cup. If that is not possible due to
weather conditions, a bowl-off will take place, at the home team’s
2.3 All ties shall be played on a 40 overs basis. In the case of
agreement to play re-arranged matches on an evening, 20-25
overs shall apply. Captains may, subject to mutual agreement,
reduce the numbers of overs to suit the circumstances, providing
the decision is taken prior to the start of the game.
2.4 Bowlers shall be limited to a maximum of ten overs each (five
overs each in respect of 20-over evening Cup matches).
2.5 The scheduled date for Cup matches shall be strictly adhered to
unless either team has a scheduled league fixture. The Cup
match will then be played on the first available Sunday after the
scheduled league fixture date. The only exceptions to this rule are
Cup semi-finals and Cup finals.
2.6 It is the responsibility of the home drawn Club to approach the
visiting Club to arrange a suitable date in the event of a
postponement on the original date due to inclement weather.
2.7 In the event of scores being tied at the end of the allotted overs
the winner shall be the team who has conceded fewer wickets. If
both sides have lost the same number of wickets, the game shall
be replayed.
2.8 Neutral venues will be selected for each Cup Final with both teams
providing a non-playing scorer and failure to do so will result in
a fine of £25.
2.9 Neutral umpires will be appointed for each Final and their fees will
be met by the League.
2.10 All matches shall commence at 1.30pm. Although both teams
may agree to a different start time. Matches which have not
commenced by 4pm as a result of weather conditions shall be
abandoned and replayed. Tea intervals shall not exceed 20
2.11 League Rule 21 applies to the submission of Cup competition
result reporting.
2.12 In the event of Cup competitions overlapping, the following order
of priority/seniority shall apply: HPH Cup and Scothern Construction
If two teams from the same club sharing a ground are
drawn at home on the same day, the ‘home’ team without a
ground must offer to play the game on the same day at their
opponent’s ground, or find another venue. If the opponent’s
ground is not available then the game should be played on the
Sunday of the Cup weekend. If neither ground is available on the
Sunday, then the game will be played on a mutually agreed date.
2.13 Winners of the League trophies are responsible for their safe
keeping (see League Rule 31).
2.14 Unless otherwise specified above, York Vale League rules shall
3 The following Rules of Player Eligibility shall apply to each

HPH Cup and Scothern Construction Cup
3.1 Any player who has played an equal number or more games in a
higher team or in a different league within the same club shall not
be eligible to compete in the competition.
3.2 No player shall be allowed to play for more than one individual
club in either competition during the same season.
3.3 Where Clubs have more than one team competing, players who
have played in a club’s second team will be eligible to play for the
first team in the same competition after the second team has
been eliminated.                                                                                                                                                                                            
3.4 Any player who has played an equal number or more games in                                                                                                  a higher team  in a different league within the same Club shall not                                                                                                               be eligible to play in the competitions.                                                                                                                                                         3.5 Clubs with two teams in the competitions are expected to comply                                                                                                       with the spirit of league rule 25.1 and avoid team strengthening.

3.9 No player shall be eligible to play for more than one individual
Club in the Scothern Construction Cup during the same season.


The following ECB directives shall be applied to all games played under the
auspices of the York Vale Cricket League:
To play open-age cricket juniors must be in School Year 8 and 12 years of age                                                                                           on 1st September of the preceding year (see Rule 24.3).

Helmets (Batting and Wicketkeeping)
All players under the age of 18 years MUST wear an approved helmet, fitted
with a protective grill when batting or standing up to the stumps when
wicketkeeping, or when acting as a runner even if the player they are
‘running’ for is not wearing a helmet. Face protectors can also be worn and
should be treated in the same way as a helmet when applying the Laws of

Fielding restrictions
Under 13 years – may not field closer than 11 yards from the middle stump
except behind the wicket on the offside.
13 and under 15 years – may not field closer than 8 yards from the middle
stump except behind the wicket on the offside.
15 and under 18 years – should wear a helmet, and for boys an abdominal
protector, when fielding within 6 yards of the bat except behind the wicket on
the offside.

Fast Bowling Restriction
For the purpose of this directive a fast bowler shall be defined as one to
whom a wicketkeeper in the same age group would normally stand back to
take the ball.
Age                                max overs per spell              max overs per match
Up to 13                                         5                                         10
U/14 and U/15                               6                                         12
U/16 and U/17                               7                                         18*
U/18 and U/19                               7                                         18*
*This is an ECB directive and does not affect League Rule 18.
A bowler shall have a minimum rest period between spells of at least the
same number of overs bowled from the same end as the bowler’s
immediately concluded spell.
Captains and club umpires must take responsibility for enforcing these Junior
Player Directives.

The HPH York Vale Cricket League is committed to maintaining the highest
standards of behaviour and conduct in its matches. We expect member clubs
and players to respect the following ECB Code of Conduct, which has been
adapted to the League’s needs, and to take full responsibility for their actions.
1. Team Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play
is conducted within the Spirit of Cricket as well as within the Laws
of the game.
2. Players and Team Officials must at all times accept the Umpire’s
decision. Players must not dissent from the umpire’s decision
nor react in a provocative or disapproving manner towards an
umpire at any time.
3. Players and Team Officials shall not intimidate, verbally abuse or use
threatening behaviour towards an umpire, another player or a spectator.
4. Players and Team Officials shall not use crude and/or abusive language
(known as sledging) nor make offensive gestures or hand signals nor
deliberately distract an opponent.
5. Players and Team Officials shall not make racially abusive comments nor
indulge in racially abusive actions against fellow players, officials and
6. Players shall not consume alcohol while actively involved in a York Vale
League game.
7. Malicious communications, harassment or discrimination through social
media will not be tolerated.

YCB’s Anti-Racism and Race Equality Statement and the Spirit of Cricket,
forms the preamble to the Laws of Cricket.
Minor infringements of these statements should be reported on the scorecard
for the game.
Any major incident that contravenes these statements or the League’s rules
must be reported to disciplinary@yorkvale.co.uk within seven days of the
Any incident reported after seven days will only be considered at the
discretion of the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.
The Disciplinary Officer will acknowledge receipt of the incident report and
notify the offending club’s secretary, giving full details of the allegation.
The offending club will then be required to provide a detailed explanation in
writing within seven days.
If it is considered that there is a case to answer, the League will then convene
a Disciplinary Hearing in accordance with the ECB Disciplinary Model Rules,
which will be held within a fortnight of the club’s response.
The League reserves the right to initiate disciplinary procedure if repeated
minor infringements of the above statements occur or if the League discovers
unreported serious infringements of the statements or the League Rules.

Any player required to attend a Disciplinary Hearing will need to be
accompanied by the playing captain on the day of the incident and the club’s
chairman or senior representative. If the incident involves the captain, one
other representative who witnessed the incident may attend.
The League must be informed immediately if a player involved in an incident
is unable to attend the Hearing, a decision will be taken whether to
reschedule the date of the Hearing. If the League is not satisfied with the
reason for non-attendance, the Hearing will go ahead without the player, who
will have no right of appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Panel.
The Disciplinary Hearing Panel will consist of a Chairman, Disciplinary
Officer, Administration Officer and up to two other members of the
Management Committee. The Disciplinary panel may, at their discretion, ask
for additional representatives from either club involved in the incident to be
present at the Hearing. Any penalty imposed by the panel will be notified by
email to the club secretary within seven days.

Any player may appeal against a decision of the Disciplinary Hearing unless
they were not present at the Hearing and the League was not satisfied with
the reason for non-attendance.
Any appeal must be made within seven days of notification of the penalty
imposed by the Hearing.
A deposit of £25 is required for each appeal, payable to the League’s
treasurer, in advance of the appeal meeting. If the original decision is upheld,
the fee will not be returned.
The appeal committee will consist of the League Secretary (who will act only
as note taker), and a panel of three people not involved in the original hearing
and not necessarily Management committee members. Their decision will be
final and binding.

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